Why Everyone Needs a TPMS


Hi, I’m Dave from Safe-T-Tyre and today I am going to explain to you why everybody needs a TPMS. Having the correct pressure in your tyres is extremely important.


Correct tyre pressure improves your vehicle handling, it’ll decrease your braking distance and reduce the chance of a blowout. Nobody wants a blowout while they’re driving along the road.

A TPMS will also improve your fuel economy.  Now, if you were travelling around Australia and doing 25000Km, you’d be spending and extra $500 in fuel. Who wants to give the government and the oil company another $500?

A TPMS will improve the lifetime of your tyres, a 20% underinflated tyre will give you a 30% reduction in tyre life and a 20% overinflated will give you a 10% reduction your tyre life. That will cost you a lot in terms of your tyres!

Underinflated tyres will adversely affect your braking performance and we all want to know that we’ve got enough time to brake because having the wrong amount of time can cause accidents and no one wants an accident.

Overinflated tyres compromise your handling, your ride comfort and increases the tyre noise and tyre noise creates irritation in the car and your partner is not going to want irritation in the car on a long trip away. Having the correct tyre pressure improves your road grip so having a TPMS helps you keep your tyres at the correct pressure and gives you piece of mind because you know you’ll be notified immediately with both an audible and visual alert if there is any change in tyre pressure or temperature.

It’s so easy to use, just set it and forget it. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Safe T Tyre on 1800 87 67 00

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