How To Easily Install Your Safe-T-Tyre monitor


Hi I’m Dave from Safety Dave and I’m Lili from Safety Dave and today we’re going to show you how easy it is to install a tyre pressure monitor system on your car and caravan. In fact it’s so easy I don’t even need him. Let’s go! I guess I’ll go back to the trailer. The kit comes with numbered tire sensors. If you would like to know which one goes on which wheel please refer to the manual. The kit also comes with a monitor and a mount but we’ll be using these later when we get to the car. Finally it comes with this little wrench, the only tool i need to get the job done. I’m going to take off this little cap and put it in this bag (protective pouch) which the kit comes with. This is good so that next time I need them they’ll be safe.

I’m going to get tire sensor number one and put it on. If you hear the air that’s good just wait till it’s just finished. I’m going to get my little wrench and screw it in. Now that it’s on, let’s do tyres two, three and four. Now i can do the four tyres on the caravan. I think I’ve fallen asleep in there. Now I’m going to take off the cap just like I did on the car and I’m going to put the right sensor on, in this case it’s sensor number five. All done so let’s do the rest of them now! Now all we have to do is put the monitor in the car. He’s definitely asleep in there….. now I need to connect my monitor to my mount but before we put it up, we need to set our maximum and minimum tyre pressures. This can be found right here, inside the driver’s side door jamb. We already did this earlier but you’ll still have to do it now I can put it up. Just make sure it doesn’t block the drivers vision. If you need to charge it, it comes with this charger which you just plug into the power supply. I didn’t need my dad’s help but I do need his help for one thing and that’s to get home.

See you next time and safe driving! Dad, we have to go now dad! If you have any questions please call Safe T Tyre on 1800 87 67 00

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