Why you should choose Safe-T-Tyre


Hi, I am Dave from Safe T Tyre and today I am going to explain to you why a Safe T Tyre TPMS is the best tyre pressure monitor system for you.

The Safe T Tyre TPMS system is locally tested. That means that each component is tested within Australia to make sure that your product is perfect upon your receipt. The Safe T Tyre TPMS has a local customer support, Australian free call number, so you can know that 24 hours a day you have support and your call is free.

Our sensors are pre-programmed so they are easy for you to fit. It’s an easy do it yourself installation, you don’t need to pay a technician hundreds of dollars, you can do it yourself by just watching our video.

Unlike many of our competitors the Safe T Tyre TPMS monitor technology does not require you to install repeater unit on your caravan or car. This makes it much easier to install! It has the ability to link and unlink to the caravan for hitching and unhitching so you can use your TPMS when you don’t have your van on. It has real time measuring and audible and visual alert. We also have a separate low batter alert for each of our tyre sensors so if one of your sensors has a low battery, you’re able to replace it and we provide you with 8 free batteries in each of our systems.

It has the ability to mute audible alarms for non-critical situations that can be rectified at your next stop. We also have an ability to add extra sensors without changing the monitor or the addition of a repeater unit. Our monitor unit comes with a rechargeable long life lithium battery.

Most importantly, our TPMS system has a 2 Year Replacement Warranty unlike most of our competitors which come with a one year repair warranty. This means you can be out on the road and you’ll have a new system replaced to you in a very short period of time. That gives you piece of mind when you are buying locally.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on our Free Call Number 1800 87 67 00.

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