TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


Extend Tyre Life

Under-inflated tyres wear faster than correctly inflated tyres. For example, tyres which are 30% under-inflated will wear up to 45% faster.


Reduce Driving Risks

Under-inflated tyres contribute to accidents by reducing vehicle handling, increasing braking distance and increasing the likelihood of blowouts.


Improve Fuel Efficiency

Save money on your fuel bill by correctly inflating and monitoring your tyres. A 9% drop in tyre pressure increases fuel consumption by around 5%.



Tyre Pressure Monitor System – Features

80 hour battery




  8-218 PSI
  DIY Easy Installation
  200m Long Range
  Real Time Data
  Fast Leakage Alert
  Anti-theft Sensors
  Adjustable Alert Levels
  • Continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of your tow vehicle and caravan tyres.
  • Audible alarm when the pressure drops below/rises above the set range or rises above the maximum temperature set.
  • Small sensors that ‘lock’ onto the tyre.
  • Available with 6 and 8 sensors, extra sensors available to purchase, expandable up to 22 tyres.
  • Receiver included in the monitor, eliminating the need for an extra relay in most circumstances.
  • Unit pre-programmed for easy installation.
  • Extra relay available for seamless transition between trailers – eg. Change from caravan to boat trailer without having to remove any equipment.
  • User-friendly monitor for a simple switch between vehicle and trailer to just vehicle when the caravan is parked.
  • Compact monitor supplied with USB cable for charging.
  • Audible alarm if the sensor batteries are running low.
  • Monitor protective pouch.
  • Spare pouch for valve caps, extra sensors and accessories.


TPMS Parameter and coding Tips

Australia’s Leading Choice for Premium Tyre Pressure Monitors

What is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

An electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tyres on various types of vehicles and alert you when the pressure falls low. TPMS report real-time tyre-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a gauge, a pictogram display, or a simple low-pressure warning light.

The Different Types of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

TPMS can be divided into two different types – direct (dTPMS) and indirect (iTPMS). TPMS are provided both at an OEM (factory) level as well as an aftermarket solution.

Direct TPMS – an aftermarket solution which uses battery-powered tyre pressure sensors mounted in each wheel to measure the actual air pressure inside each tyre, providing real-time data to the driver.

Indirect TPMS – standard equipment in many modern vehicles, indirect TMPS utilise the wheel sensors that are already fitted as part of a vehicle’s ABS system. These work on principal that a deflated tyre will have a different circumference, and therefore different wheel speed than a fully inflated tyre. They cannot inform you of exactly how much pressure in each of your tyres, however they will provide a warning light if there is a discrepancy in tyre pressures.

What are the benefits of using a tyre pressure monitor?

The ability to monitor your tyre pressures while driving has many benefits:

  • Be alerted to any unexplained drops in air pressure, potentially saving a tyre before it’s damaged beyond repair
  • Monitor individual air pressures in each tyre as you drive in different conditions, and adjust them if necessary, optimising vehicle handling and extending tyre life
  • Increase fuel efficiency – maintaining the tyre pressure at the proper level will improve mileage by lowering the fuel consumption.

The TPMS Australia Trusts

Safe-T-Tyre’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is the best way to extend the life of your tyres, increase fuel efficiency and increase your safety in the road. Simple to setup and use, this product is suitable for and used by cars4WD’smotorhomes & caravans, trailers and more all across Australia.

Available in packages of either four, six or eight sensors as standard, and this can be increased up to a maximum of 22 sensors for larger vehicles, trucks and buses.

What you get with your Safe-T-Tyre Digital Tyre Pressure Monitor:

 1 x Display Monitor + Rechargable Lithium Battery
 Up to 22 Tyre Pressure Sensors
 2 x Protective Pouches
 Suction Mount
 Auxiliary Charger + Hardware Cables
 Owner’s Manual
 Spare Sensor Batteries

Choose Safe-T-Tyre for the Best Tyre Pressure Monitor on the Market

User friendly, cost-effective and loaded with features, when you purchase a TPMS from Safe-T-Tyre can you be sure you are getting the best TPMS money can buy. With impressive digital monitoring features and pre-programmed monitors and sensors for easy installation, the team at Safe-T-Tyre have included all the extras such as:

  • Spare sensor batteries
  • Valve caps
  • Protective bags
  • A Free Call support number
  • And a 2-year replacement warranty

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