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Tyre Pressure Checks

Your Reliable Tyre Pressure Check

Wondering how often to check your tyre pressure, or questioning when to check it? You’re not alone, as most Australian car owners are in the dark about how to maintain their tyres, and will drive many kilometres before figuring out what’s wrong.

At Safe-T-Tyre, we’re here to help you establish and maintain a proper tyre safety regimen so you can clock up your kilometres with the peace of mind you’re driving on safe wheels. Whether you shuttle the kids to school on a daily basis, or rely on your tyres for extended road trips across the country, a proper system is essential. That’s where we come in; our electronic monitoring system travels with you while you’re on the road to ensure you’re only a few clicks away from determining your tyre pressure and ensuring your safety.

Find out how to check tyre pressure the easy way

Take the guesswork out of monitoring your tyre pressure and secure the safety of you and your family with the built-in safety system that slots seamlessly into your vehicle. Attached to each tyre and running data back into a dashboard-mounted display, the Safe-T-Tyre system makes it simpler than ever to keep on track.

How do we do it? We utilise our unique tyre pressure conversion and monitor system to extend tyre life, reduce driving risks and improve fuel efficiency. Rendering a large amount of data into several easy-to-understand graphs means the information you desire will be right at your fingertips. Pre-set your desired range of pressure and the system will notify you via a series of beeps when your pressure goes above or below this range. It’s that simple.
Your guarantee of quality

The Safe-T-Tyre system is one of impeccable workmanship, offering up to 60 hours of cordless battery life, real-time data analysis, anti-theft sensors and a 200m range for the handheld or dash-mounted monitor.

Safe-T-Tyre is available for a range of different vehicles such as cars, trucks, caravans and motorcycles. As well as the standard four-pronged approach, you have the option of adding on another two or four prongs to make it perfect for large vehicles. We offer direct, indirect and wireless models to ensure you’re always getting the product suitable for your exact vehicle.

Questions? Contact us for Australia-wide assistance

At Safe-T-Tyre, we provide quality manufacturing to people all around Australia, ensuring that everyone with low-to-high vehicle usage is able to access the system. If you have questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.