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4WD Tyre Pressure Monitor Systems

The 4 Wheel Drive is the classic off-road vehicle. It’s perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure, and renowned for being able to tackle all sorts of terrain. From dirt to rock to mud to sand to even light snow, the adventurous 4WD driver has seen it all. But a 4WD means that all four tyres matter more than ever. The Safe-T-Tyre tyre pressure monitoring system is designed to help your 4WD keep its all-terrain ability by keeping your tyres safe from wearing out and reducing tyre wear.

Underinflated tyres and overinflated tyres both wear out much faster than properly inflated tyres, with increased stopping distances, greater risk of blowouts, reduced traction and poorer handling. The TPMS uses tyre sensors to measure the pressure levels inside your tyres and alert you when they fall outside of the recommended range.

That way you can ensure that your tyres are always properly inflated, extending your tyre life and retaining your 4WD’s ability to handle rough, uneven and slippery terrain. The tyre pressure monitor should be considered an essential component of any off-roader’s gear, and the vital support it provides will give save you money and fuel in adverse conditions.

So no matter where you want to travel, Safe-T-Tyre will help you get there, ensuring that you know when you need to fix up your tyres and when your tyres are at their best and ready to take on any adventure. Greater fuel efficiency, safer driving risks and better handling make this tyre pressure monitor the first choice of any 4WD owner.