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Indirect TPMS

Direct and Indirect Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for your Vehicle

Your safety on the road is one of the most important things, and it’s essential you have the tools on hand to be able to secure it. Whether you drive for short trips at a time, or traverse large portions of the country for business or holiday, it’s important you’re able to quickly monitor and diagnose the state of different elements of your vehicle – especially the tyre pressure.

Rather than fumbling around with petrol station air pressure gauges – the results from which vary greatly from location to location, and can be wildly inaccurate – install a portable tyre air pressure monitor that hooks up directly to your vehicle. No matter the length of your trip or the type of vehicle you have, the Safe-T-Tyre system monitors each and every one of your tyres to provide on-the-spot data that you can use to optimise your safety potential.

A simple to use tyre management system that doesn’t compromise on quality

At Safe-T-Tyre, we have designed a precision system that’s built on years of engineering and motoring experience. The nearly-invisible clips and cables send data seamlessly back to your touch-screen control panel, which can either be attached to your dashboard, or kept elsewhere in your vehicle or at home. That’s because, as well as the anti-theft technology that comes as standard with every device, the 200m long range signals enable you to take your device with you.

As well as our unique indirect tyre pressure monitoring system, we also provide the choice of a high-quality direct TPMS and wireless options so you can fit your system with your needs. Speak to us to find out more about which would be the best one for you.

Contact us to determine the right choice for your vehicle

We’re always here to help you select the right tyre pressure monitoring system for your needs. Your safety is paramount to us and we want to help you install the system that will best enable you to keep you and your family safe.

Not to mention, having a tyre monitoring system always on call will help save you time and money in the future. When you can negate costly repairs by jumping on a pressure problem as soon as you diagnose it, you can ensure that you save money.