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Horse Trailers TPMS

When you’re transporting an animal, it’s important that you take all the necessary safety precautions. Horse floats come with a variety of safety features to ensure that the animal is properly secured and doesn’t get injured in transit. But not all of the relevant safety issues happen inside the horse float itself.

Tyre Pressure for Horse Floats

Having properly inflated tyres ensures that your horse float is able to turn and stop effectively, without sudden changes in momentum that jostle the animal inside. And the best way to ensure your tyres are inflated correctly is with a tyre pressure monitoring system like Safe-T-Tyre. The system includes tyre sensors that measure the pressure levels inside the tyres and alert you when those levels are outside the recommended range.

Once you know to adjust the pressure, you can take swift action and prevent your tyres from deteriorating further, as improperly inflated tyres have significantly increased risk of wear. This will ensure that the animal you’re transporting always gets the smoothest ride, keeping you and your stock safe. We recommend equipping every horse float with a tyre pressure monitor in order to prevent pain and distress while transporting your equine passengers.

Setting up a TPMS is easy and the rewards are great – beyond boosting safety it also saves fuel costs and maintenance costs by increasing fuel efficiency and the life expectancy of your tyres. Taking care of your tyres is good for you, your horses, your wallet, and the planet. And Safe-T-Tyre is good for your tyres.

Tyre Pressure Monitor Systems for Trailers

It’s harder to get a sense of how your trailer’s tyres are doing than it is for the vehicle that you’re driving. And since trailers often aren’t in constant use, and you’re putting a lot more pressure on the tyres when they’re fully loaded than when they’re empty, the changes in pressure can be pretty drastic. And it’s easy to forget to regularly check the tyre pressure, particularly when you lead a busy life.

That means that it’s entirely possible that you’ll be towing a trailer with badly under-inflated or over-inflated tyres without ever realising it, a phenomenon that leads to increased fuel costs, and poorer handling, and increased risk of tyre wear. Given the difficulty of turning with a trailer and the added fuel consumption and tyre wear that comes with driving with the added load anyway, these problems can become serious expenses and serious safety risks. The solution? Get a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Safe-T-Tyre is one of the best around, using advanced tyre sensors to measure the pressure levels inside your tyres and alerting you when those levels are outside the optimal range. It’s easy to set up, and convenient when you don’t want to constantly check tyre pressure and adjust your target pressure based on your weight loads. The TPMS will help you keep your tyres in shape, so that you can stay safe on the roads no matter what you’re trailing behind you.