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What is Safe-T-Tyre?

Safe-T-Tyre is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) designed to Ease the Pressure of driving. The TPMS monitors the pressure and temperature of your tyres and alerts you if the readings drop below or above the set safety level.

Why do I need a TPMS?

Safe-T-Tyre can extend your tyre life, reduce driving risks and improve your fuel efficiency. Watch the following video to learn how:

What makes us different to other products?

Every Safe-T-Tyre TPMS is locally tested for quality, includes a two-year replacement warranty and fantastic customer support via a free call number. It is also easier to install and includes superior technology to other competing products.

Watch this video to learn more:

What comes in the box?

Every Safe-T-Tyre includes everything you need to start monitoring the pressure of your tyres:

  • 1 x Display Monitor + Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Up to 22 Tyre Sensors
  • 2 x Protective Pouches
  • Suction Mount
  • Auxiliary Charger + Hardware Cables
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Spare Sensor Batteries

When I put the sensors on my valve stems, the sensor shakes and scratches my mags. How can I stop this?

Cover the sensors with foam, garden hose or insulation.

Am I able to buy additional sensors if I lose/damage them or would like to monitor additional tyres?

Yes, you can purchase our sensors individually by calling us at 1800 499 383.

How do I make sure my sensors are secure on my wheels and are not susceptible to being stolen?

Our TPMS system comes included with a protective cap to go over the sensors along with a brass locking nut to ensure the sensor is properly protected and secure from theft.

How to charge the TPMS Monitor?

Your TPMS Monitor is supplied with a Micro-USB Charger with a cigarette lighter adapter, to preserve the lifespan of your monitor, only plug in your monitor when it requires charging. Do not keep the TPMS Monitor constantly plugged in.


Is the tyre pressure monitor easy to install?

Our TPMS is so easy to install that 12 year-old Lili can install it in minutes! Watch this video to learn how:

What if my sensors are not reading?

If you find that your sensors are not reading, we recommend:

  • Changing the sensor batteries, be sure to use only a 3-volt lithium battery.
    • For TPMS 2000 use CR 1632.
    • For TPMS 3000 use CR 2032.
  • Ensuring the parameters set +/_ 15 PSI below/above the PSI you are keeping your tyres at.
  • Do not leave your monitor on continuous charge.

The alarm keeps sounding on the monitor – what should I do?

Check that the tyre pressures set up for each axel are set up correctly for your tyres. As a rule, we recommend +/- 15 PSI above and below the actual pressure of your tyres.

Do I need to adjust the pressure parameters?

Yes, any changes made in the pressure settings require re-adjustment of your parameters.

I am not getting any readings on the monitor, why?

The sensors require calibration to the monitor. Start your vehicle and drive for at least 10 minutes to allow the monitor to adjust to the settings.

If you are using your TPMS constantly it is best to leave it on, this allows it to maintain the readings and will go into sleep mode after 20 minutes with no change/movement.

When I place the sensor on my valve stem, it lets out the air from the tyre. Why?

There are a few reasons that may cause air to leak from the tyre, including:

  • The O-Ring in the sensor may be worn and is therefore not sealing properly.
  • The small O-Ring that contacts the air valve is not sealed correctly.
  • The sensor may be faulty.
  • The valve system may be faulty.

Note: The tyre will expel air when placing the sensor onto the tyre valve and will cease when completely tightened onto the valve stem.

Why is my monitor not working?

If the monitor is permanently plugged into the power supply this may cause internal damage to the battery due to the heat generated. Ensure your monitor is unplugged from the power supply when not in use.

Why are all the tyre icons not appearing on my monitor?

Be sure you follow the programming procedures in the TPMS Manual:

  • Try Deleting and re-installing the sensors.
  • Check you have not de-linked the car or the van.

Temperature and Pressure not reading: How to troubleshoot?

  1. Check the following parameters have been set accordingly.
  2. The batteries in the sensors are new, or recently changed.
  3. The unit has not been hardwiring or permanently left on charge.
  4. Try deleting + re-coding the sensor.
  5. Check if the batteries are settled correctly (right side up).