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Safe-T-Tyre is a wholesale supplier of top-quality tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). A wholly Australian-owned company, Safe-T-Tyre believes in sourcing the best products, tailored to our customers’ individual needs, at the most competitive prices. Your safety is our priority, and to ensure you get your money’s worth, it’s never just about the sell with us. We promise to offer dedicated, personalised service, talking with you to make sure we understand your unique situation and can deliver you the products that best suit your circumstances.

Safe-T-Tyre believes that in the 21st century, a reliable tyre pressure monitor should be part of every driver’s inventory and safety equipment. With a range of accurate and sensitive tyre sensors at our disposal, everyone at Safe-T-Tyre is working to ensure that you never have to drive on underinflated tyres without knowing it. Our effective and affordable TPMS devices will alert you to drops in tyre pressure and let you know when you need to inflate your tyres. Our aim is to help you stay safe by driving on tyres at the right pressure. Safe-T-Tyre will help you avoid the numerous risks associated with improperly inflated tyres, including longer stopping distances, poorer traction and handling, faster tyre wear and fuel consumption, and increased risks of blowouts.

60 hour battery


wireless monitor

replacement warranty

Why Safe-T-Tyre TPMS?

With years of experience and expertise in service and in safety, Safe-T-Tyre has the knowledge and the drive to give you the best in tyre pressure monitoring technology. Our selection boasts an expansive range, including TPMS for cars and trucks, as well as trailers including horse floats and caravans, and recreational vehicles such as motor homes. No matter what you drive, we can help you pick the perfect system, and our customer-first attitude ensures you get the deal you deserve. That’s why our customers praise the attention we give them and our helpful approach, not to mention our fantastic products that give them superior value for impressively low costs.

From the first phone call to beyond the final sale, at Safe-T-Tyre it’s all about the customer. We’re here to make sure you’re satisfied and make sure you’re safe. And you know you’re safe with Safe-T-Tyre.


"A quick thank you, I spoke to a John, It was quite nice to speak to somebody who was interested in my challenge (I had bent the pins on a cable joiner). He said no problem and sorted it out and sent me a replacement and it arrived in one day (I have reconnected the cable and now the monitor works). It is not often you get this type of service and the speed it was resolved plus the big surprise there was not cost to me. Again, I thank all the staff at Safety Dave’s. PS- I will recommend your company to all who asks where did I get my caravan reversing camera (plus back up service). -Gary T"
"Hi, I have been using your Safe-T Tyre pressure monitoring system for offer two years now and find them fantastic, easy to set and monitor. I travel all and any road in this country and to date the sensors have saved me one camper trailer tyre ( $300) and three care tyres ( $400 ea. ). I am just back from Gibb R road and Cape Lavaque doing the Kimberly and Safe-T-Tyre sensors saved a camper tyre on the Gibb. I also had a sensor not working intermittently and contacted Safe T tyre and they sent a new sensor to me at Broome express post FREE of charge. That is service and back up if ever you want it . The are a fantastic product with the best service with out doubt. They also prolong tyre life as you know your tyre pressures constantly weather on the rough or the daily drive. -Grahame M"
"Just thought I would drop a line and let you know how impressed I am with this product. Purchased them a few weeks ago and they are so much better than the previous ones I purchased at a higher cost. The real eye opener is how much the pressure varies when travelling. Up to a 8 psi rise even without the tyre getting overly hot. Makes you think about what pressure you should be running to save tyre wear. Also the link to the van works every time, something the last models would not do which was a constant headache. Congratulations on a great product and if you want recommendations I would be happy to give them. I have just retired from 9 years as the tech support for Australia and New Zealand for the biggest selling camping fridge and believe feedback, positive or negative, is necessary when appropriate. And this is certainly positive. -Mark Pennington"
"Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for the new Safe-T-Tyre system you sent me as a replacement, Since fitting the system to my Navara and Caravan it has worked really well, hasn't missed a beat and the first aid kit has come in handy as well. Again, thank you for the wonderful customer service, everything you did for me was greatly appreciated.- Kevin"
"Thank you so much for your service, I rang to obtain more o rings for the tyre system, they arrived in 2 days by express post . This in itself was great service, however, you also added more screws and batteries, quite unexpected. We are very impressed with the Tyre Management System for the car and van, it has given us early warnings of low pressure and high temperature ensuring that we stay safe. Your service is excellent and as we are about to embark on our 2nd lap of our great land, we will certainly be expressing our thoughts in the happy hours we attend. -Pamela and Trevor"
"WOW Good morning got this morning there was a bang on the Verandah about 6am ..... Didn't think much of it open the door to take the Boss to work & there is the Oz post Package from you guys ...........Now that Is SO DAM QUICK only bought them Yesterday ..............thank you So much for the peace of mind for our New Van .....................Thanks Safety Dave & Staff. -Greg & Di Drechsler"
"Just received my tyre pressure monitor system. Thank you for your prompt efficient service. Am very pleased with the rear camera system for the caravan. -Robert Fuller"
"I purchased a set of monitors some time ago....We have just returned from rather a mammoth trip...Broome to Perth..to Great Western in NW Victoria....to Alice Springs...across the Tanami Track and back home to Broome... Whilst half asleep trundling across the Nullarbor I was totally returned to alertness with the banshee alarm of my monitor..... Quickly came to a halt to find the RH tyre on the caravan was rather shredded BUT THE RIM WAS STILL OK!!! Had there been no alarm I'm sure the rim would have been u/s also... The monitors are in my opinion a great investment... -Malcom Smith"
"Some time ago I purchased a set of tyre monitors from your Company. We have recently completed a trip Broome to Perth, across the Nullarbor to NW Victoria, to Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, across the Tanami Track and back home to Broome... Whilst traversing the Nullarbor my semi consciousness was suddenly interrupted by the banshee alarm of my tyre monitor. After quickly pulling to a stop I found one of the caravan tyres had shredded. Thanks to the sensor alarm no damage had been inflicted on the rim, thereby saving a couple of hundred of dollars for a new replacement. I firmly believe the monitors were are good investment and am recommending the purchase of same to others planning long trips. -Malcolm B Smith BROOME WA"
"Just wanted to get in touch to say a really big thanks to Baz for his hard work helping me get my TPMS unit up and running this morning. His knowledge, persistence and good humour was terrific - such uncommon traits in the world today. Well done to you all - keep up the good work - your back up service is second to none. Best regards, Bill."

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