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5 Ways to Increase Your Fuel Efficiency


With fuel prices soaring around Australia, you might be wondering how you can reduce fuel consumption to save you money at the bowser. The good news is, you can significantly boost the fuel economy of your vehicle by simple maintenance and by implementing a few better driving practises. Safety T Tyre tyre pressure monitoring systems have been developed to improve the safety of Australian vehicles and give drivers peace of mind, better fuel efficiency and increased tyre lifespan. Here are a few tips that could save you hundreds of dollars each year in fuel costs, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and help you do your bit for the environment by lowering your emissions.

Keep Your Driving Smooth

Taking off smoothly and going easy on the brakes will undoubtedly result in a more economic drive.

Gradually speeding up and slowing down will save your money, while putting your foot down on the accelerator and brake will burn a hole in your pocket. Tailgating the car in front of you will also increase consumption as following too closely makes you slow down and speed up constantly, burning more fuel. Driving smoothly and hanging back from the traffic in front of you allows you to drive more efficiently.

Avoid Heavy Traffic

While not always possible, especially when travelling to and from work, however being stuck in heavy traffic and traffic jams regularly can significantly increase your fuel consumption. Stop-start driving kills your fuel economy so if you can, hit the road in off-peak times when the streets are empty either early in the morning or after rush hour (depending on your work flexibility).

Ensure Your Tyres Are Properly Inflated

Maintaining the right tyre pressure plays a vital role in increasing fuel economy, yet many drivers often neglect it. Proper inflation decreases the friction between the tyres and the road, which helps your car to run at its optimum level, reduce tyre wear and tear and decrease fuel consumption. Keeping your tyres inflated to the correct level as specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer, is a simple and easy way to save money. You can either check the pressure regularly at a service station or for the ultimate in convenience, purchase a tyre pressure monitoring system which will alert you to any variations in inflation if detected by the tyre pressure sensors installed on your tyres.

Maintain Your Vehicle Regularly

Regular vehicle servicing and maintenance will not only save you money on fuel costs but will prolong the life of your engine. Servicing a car that is noticeably out of tune can significantly improve fuel economy. Ensure you frequently:

  • Service to the manufacturer’s logbook
  • Replace air and fuel filters and spark plugs
  • Use the correct grade of oil
  • Rotate your tyres and get a wheel alignment

Keeping your car in good shape not only boosts fuel efficiency but maximises on-road safety too.

Get Rid of Excess Weight

It may seem obvious, but the heavier the car, the greater its thirst will be. Remove anything inside the car that you don’t use or need – children’s car seats if you no longer use them or that bag of junk you have been meaning to dispose of. Keep your boot clean and free of any unnecessary clutter and you will soon notice the savings.

Maximising fuel economy has many benefits, and there are many simple things you can do to save you money and reduce your emissions. If you are looking to purchase a tyre pressure monitoring system to improve the safety and performance of your vehicle, get in touch with Safe T Tyre today. Call us on 1800 876 700 or contact us online now.