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Under the Pump


Sometimes you don’t notice the pressure until it starts to take its toll. It’s easy to let stress build up in your life, filling your calendar with commitments and spending your energy working and supporting the people around you, and sometimes you’re not aware of how little leisure you have until you really start to feel the impact. People can go for weeks or months – or even, in some cases, years – without noticing that they are wearing themselves down to the breaking point, and by the time something happens and they realise how much pressure they’re under, the negative effects have being going on for some time. It’s tragic, but true – people can suffer serious consequences to their mental health, ruin work and home life, all without realising that they’re under too much pressure.

Your tyres are the same. Just because you don’t notice that they’re under too much pressure – or too little – that doesn’t mean that the negative effects don’t happen. Improperly inflated tyres wear out faster, and have higher risks of blowouts. They also have longer stopping distances and poorer handling, combined with worse fuel efficiency. All of these problems can occur even before a driver notices the issue with tyre pressure.

But while you might not notice, a tyre pressure monitor will. That’s why a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), like Safe-T-Tyre, is an important part of staying safe while driving. It will let you know when you need to correct your tyre pressure so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences without knowing the cause, and can reduce the pressure on your own life.