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Things Will Go Wrong


So many things can go wrong with your vehicle, and so often it can be completely out of the blue. The other day I broke down in the middle of traffic, in heavy rain (I ended up standing in the hail while my car was towed), because my alternator was busted. And there were almost no warning signs, certainly nothing clear. I was a bit suspicious that I might have some issues with my battery – but my battery warning light wasn’t on, so I dismissed those concerns. I have all sorts of warning lights to alert me to potential issues. Battery, handbrake, low fuel – but no warning to say “Oops, sorry about this, but it looks like your alternator’s pretty much had it. You should do something about this before you, I don’t know, break down in the middle of traffic?”

Another thing that can really ruin your day? Under-inflated tyres. Which you can get a warning about with a tyre pressure monitoring system. Sure, they might not sound like much of a problem, but under-inflated tyres mean poorer handling and longer stopping distances (also known as a crash waiting to happen), poorer fuel efficiency (a hole in your wallet), and higher risk of blowouts (which can literally stop you in your tracks) are not to be underestimated. With a TPMS from Safe-T-Tyre you’ll know as soon as your tyres need some more air, thanks to accurate and responsive tyre sensors. Then you can fix things and keep driving.