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Caravaning Into Retirement

Caravaning Into Retirement

My husband and I have worked hard our whole lives and spent many years raising our three beautiful children and have loved watching our seven beautiful grandchildren grow up. 

Following our retirement and heading into our “twilight” years John (my husband) and I decided to purchase a wonderful 21ft Caravan to hook up to our 100 series Land Cruiser.  We decided to do something we have never done before and travel through our beautiful country, with no plans, no destinations in mind basically wherever our new Caravan would take us…

John and I were new at this caravanning thing and we were like children in a lolly shop. There was so much to consider and part of my job was to research the whole safety aspect from, caravan reverse cameras, fire and first aid safety … I must admit that my internet skills left a lot to be desired however I googled  cameras for caravans, and came across the Safety Dave website. I began to take my research very seriously, after all if I was going to spend six months travelling on the wide open roads of our beautiful country I wanted to know that we would be safe and sound.

I had been speaking to various friends who were familiar with car and caravan safety and they provided me with a few handy tips.

The Safety Dave website was easy to navigate and the videos on the website were very good so I was able to find what I needed quickly. I took advantage of the 1800 free call number provided so without too much fuss I was set up with a customised package to suit my requirements.

My package consisted of a rear view camera for my car and rear view camera for my caravan. One of the interesting components of the package is a tyre sensor called a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).  This was included in the package after discussions with the friendly staff at Safety Dave. This device is designed to alert us of any change in our tyres’ condition, eg temperature, pressure….etc  and therefore greatly reduce the chance of an unexpected blowout.  As you can imagine, having this peace of mind is important as we embark on our ‘no plans’, ‘no set destination’ trip around Australia. In the end we settled for an 8 sensor caravan TPMS as part of our package and the lovely staff gifted me a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

The guys at Safety Dave were very good and they took care of the installation of all the cameras. I mentioned above how good the videos on the website were. In particular, the video of 12 year old Lili being able to easily install these tyre pressure sensors inspired both John and I to install this ourselves. I mean if a 12 year old could do it………surely a couple of in their 70’s could as well. I’m glad to report that we managed this just as Lili’s video showed.

My family were very happy to hear that we had ticked all the boxes in regards to our on the road safety. The list below has settled their nerves (to some extent) as we embark on our journey.

  • Reversing Camera
  • License Plate Camera
  • Wireless tyre pressure monitoring system for car and caravan
  • First aid kit
  • Fire Extinguisher just in case John decides to cook in the caravan
  • Bottle of Champagne for our first night in the wilderness

Happy and safe caravanning from us to you!