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Do I Need A TPMS System for My Caravan?

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A tyre pressure monitoring system is an excellent safety feature and many new vehicles come with one fitted as standard. Today, most tyre pressure monitoring systems have the ability to utilise more than just four sensors. This means that a high-quality tyre TPMS can monitor not just your vehicle, but your caravan or trailer whilst towing too. Safe T Tyre is Australia’s favourite supplier of tyre pressure monitoring systems, and we have an option to suit your needs and budget. We are often asked about caravans and whether it’s worthwhile having a TPMS – our answer is a resounding yes, read on to find out why.

Significant Safety Improvements

If you have a front tyre start to deflate, you’ll notice it in the steering very quickly. However, if you have a dual-axle caravan tyre start to lose air, you may not even notice it until damage has been done or you suffer a dangerous blow-out. Whilst a blow-out on a car is bad, a caravan that’s suffered one can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage as a consequence of the blown tyre hitting the bodywork. In some cases, a caravan can be completely written off. Additionally, the potential for a serious accident is high if you get a blow-out, especially when travelling fast. Tyre blow-outs aren’t instant, they typically occur once a small puncture becomes larger and pressure decreases. A tyre pressure monitoring system will alert you to any changes in the air pressure of your caravan’s tyres and allow you to rectify any issues before an accident or serious damage occurs.

Prolong Tyre Lifespan

If you take your caravan off-road or out into remote areas, getting a flat when your hundreds of kilometres from a service station is an absolute nightmare. Chances are you will need to continue driving a long distance until you can find somewhere safe to stop. If you are alerted to an air pressure drop early enough it’s likely you will be able to find the leak, plug it up, and carry on your journey safely until you can find a tyre repair shop. If you don’t have the chance to stop before it’s completely flat, you’ll run the entire weight of that corner of your caravan through the rim, on to the inside of the tyre. That weight is enough to warp, buckle, and completely shred the tyre tread.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

How can a TPMS improve fuel efficiency? It’s all about rolling resistance and drag. If the tyres of your vehicle and van run are under-inflated, there will be much more friction between the rubber and the road. This requires much more fuel to keep the vehicle moving at speed. A TPMS constantly keeps an eye on your tyres, and if any pressure drops occur you will be alerted meaning you can inflate the tyres back to the right pressure level for optimal rolling resistance.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies offer discounts for having additional safety features installed. A tyre pressure monitoring system fitted to your RV or caravan may lead to a reduction in your insurance costs – check with your insurance company to find out more.

Buy a TPMS for Caravan Today

A tyre pressure monitoring system from Safe T Tyre will alert you to any air pressure changes in your tyres and depending on the model chosen may warn of excessive internal temperature for any given tyre. This will help to make your journey much safer and reduce the risk of accidents, blow-outs and tyre wear and tear. To purchase yours today, get in touch with our team by calling 1800 876 700 or shop online now