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Emergency Vehicle


One of the best reasons to own a vehicle like a car, to keep it in good condition and to know how to drive it, is that it’s good in emergencies. If a friend is sick or injured, if you need to escape fire or flood, if a family member is in crisis and you need to get there quickly – you want to be able to drive. Walking’s too slow, so is cycling, and you might not be able to carry the equipment you need. And public transport is unreliable and roundabout.

So a car or similar vehicle is the method of choice for transport in these intense situations. But it doesn’t work if you can’t rely on your vehicle when push comes to shove. Imagine rushing over to help a friend in need, only to discover you’ve got a flat tyre and can’t even make it out of your driveway. Sounds like a disaster, right?

With a tyre pressure monitoring system, you can make sure that never happens. Unless someone’s straight up gone and slashed your tyres, if the air’s been slowly leaking, then the monitor will pick up on it and tell you. The TPMS measures the pneumatic pressure inside your tyres, so if it drops below the ideal range, an alarm will sound, and you can do something about it. With the proper information, you can keep your tyres suitably inflated all the time, avoiding the many troubles of underinflated tyres like reduced fuel efficiency, increased tyre wear, and greater risk of blowouts.

In life, you can’t always tell when you’ll need to drive somewhere in the middle of the night. Disaster and tragedy can strike unexpectedly. But with tyre sensors, you can make sure that when you need them, at least your tyres will be up to the task.