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Fossil Fuels Are Not Good Sources of Energy


Fossil fuels, such as petrol and diesel, are not good sources of energy. Sure, they can release a lot of energy at once, so they seem pretty neat – but only in the short term. In the long term, there are all sorts of problems. Pollution is one – the process of burning them releases all sorts of pollutants into the atmosphere, such as the highly poisonous carbon monoxide. It also furthers the greenhouse effect, covering the Earth in a blanket of carbon dioxide that traps heat in and causes global warming. And ultimately, the key problem with fossil fuels is that they’re not sustainable. It takes millions of years for organic matter to break down into coal, oil, and petrol. And we’re burning them much, much faster than that. So sooner or later, the petrol is going to run out.

Everyone needs to do their bit to stop using so much petrol, to avoid polluting the atmosphere and to conserve a highly limited resource. And one of the best ways is by getting a tyre pressure monitoring system.

A TPMS lets you know what the air pressure is inside your tyres, and when you need to increase it, a light and an alarm go off to tell you to by pump your tyres back up. Now that might not seem like much, but underinflated tyres are far less fuel efficient, and most drivers waste a lot of petrol because their tyres aren’t properly inflated. If you have tyre sensors measuring those pressure levels, you can fix the inflation as soon as it drops, so that you’re not wasting fuel.

This is just one little thing that you can do to save money and the environment, making your driving more efficient and reducing the number of pollutants that are pumped into the atmosphere by your vehicle.