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It Pays to be Prepared


The other day I was driving when something fell off the car in front of me. Since it was too sudden for me to brake, and I couldn’t go around it in traffic, I had to drive right over it. Fortunately, my tyres were properly inflated, and could absorb the shock with only a minor bump that I felt as I drove. But if my tyres hadn’t had enough pressure, it would have been a much rougher ride.

The problem is, it’s impossible to accurately judge your tyre pressure with the naked eye. Underinflated tyres look pretty much the same as correctly inflated ones. So if you want to know your tyre pressure, you have to get out a gauge and measure it by hand, which is a whole lot of time and bother – or you could just do the smart thing, and use a tyre pressure monitoring system.

This gadget makes use of specialised tyre sensors that can track the pneumatic pressure inside your tyres, and that do it automatically so that you don’t have to worry about it. The sensors are connected to a machine that uses light and sound to alert you when your tyre pressure dips outside the recommended range.

With the information that the TPMS gives you, you’ll never have any doubt about your tyre pressure, and it’s easy to keep it up to standard. So you’ll be prepared for a few more of the unexpected obstacles that life – and other vehicles – throw in your way.