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Know The Unknown and Be Safe – Tyre Pressure Monitors Keep You on The Road

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Tyre pressure is one of the little things in life that most of us don’t often think about except in extreme circumstances. In fact, I’d venture that most people have a more or less binary way of thinking about tyre pressure. In this oversimplified framework, a tyre is either perfectly fine, or it’s totally flat. If you have a flat tyre, you change it for a good one. End of story. Except, of course, that’s not really how things work at all. Tyre pressure can take all sorts of values, and a tyre doesn’t have to be flat for it to be dangerously underinflated.

In fact, it’s next to impossible to tell whether your tyres are properly inflated or not just by looking at them. This feeds into that myth about tyres either being fine or flat, and it’s actually quite a harmful myth. If your tyres aren’t properly inflated – and that includes tyres that are over pressurised, as well as those with too little air – then you have to deal with poorer fuel efficiency, reduced handling, longer stopping distances and faster tyre wear. It wastes money, and it can be a safety risk.

Are Tyre Pressure Monitors Accurate?

The best way to prevent this? It’s a bit of equipment called a tyre pressure monitoring system, or a TPMS for short. Sounds fancy, but don’t worry. Safe-T-Tyre is one such system, and it’s so easy to set up that even a child could do it. And once it’s set up, it constantly measures and monitors the pressure levels inside your tyres. If those pressure levels fall outside a specified range, it will alert you with a light and/or an alarm, so you can drive to a service station and take action at the next convenient opportunity. If everything’s A-OK, though, then you don’t need to worry and can just keep on driving.

This has the advantage of breaking the illusion that your tyre pressure is either fine or you’ve got a flat tyre, without requiring you to stress about your tyre pressure day and night. The tyre sensors do the job of checking up on those pressure levels for you, and because you’ll know as soon as you need to do something, you can take swift action without having to restructure your maintenance schedule and become ultra-vigilant about tyre pressure. So give us a call today, and let’s talk about solving your tyre pressure problems and keeping you safe with Safe-T-Tyre.