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Leaving Geekdom For A Moment…


I am, admittedly, something of a geek. I adore Star Wars, love The Lord of the Rings, and enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). D&D, for the uninitiated, is a role-playing game, a sort of board game where players create imaginary heroes who go on adventures in a world of monsters and magic. A while ago, though, I noticed something interesting about the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons – renowned for its extreme difficulty. There were optional rules in place that meant that players might not be told how badly damaged their characters were – which mean that a player might find their character suddenly struck dead when they looked like they could take a few more hits.

Leaving geekdom for a moment, it’s interesting to note that a similar problem affects drivers of all sorts of vehicles. Everyone knows that flat tyres are something to avoid, but many people don’t have a tyre pressure monitoring system in place for checking their tyre pressure. People drive around with underinflated tyres, never even realising it – even though underinflated tyres are more likely to cause blowouts and have poorer handling and longer stopping distance, and they also wear out faster. Fortunately, it’s actually an easy problem to fix, with the right technology. The TPMS is easy to add to your vehicle, and will let you know with a light and an alarm whenever your tyre pressure dips below the recommended level. That way, you can know how healthy your tyres are, and when you need to pump them back up. The tyre sensors will measure the pressure levels, and give you the information you need to avoid the many problems that come with underinflated tyres. Safe-T-Tyre is an excellent seller of affordable, quality pressure monitors that take the mystery out of your tyre pressure.