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Maintain your Starship


Ever watched Star Trek? It seems like something’s always going wrong with the Starship Enterprise, whether they’ve blown a warp coil or they need more dilithium crystals. Fortunately, you can count on two things: an incredible engineering team (whether it’s Scotty or La Forge), and a computer that 90% of the time, knows what the problem is. And really, you need the second for the first to be the most effective.

You might not own a starship, but if you have a vehicle then you know important it is that you know when something’s wrong. And it’s crucial that you know what’s wrong, too, so you can fix it before it becomes a real issue. If you know when your battery’s low, you can charge it. If you know when your tank’s low on fuel, you can refuel it. When it comes to driving, a lot of problems are tough to notice if you don’t have your system telling you they exist. That’s why we have inbuilt systems to measure these things – because otherwise you won’t be aware of the problems.

Tyre pressure is no exception. Improperly inflated tyres have poorer traction, longer stopping distances, and an increased chance of blowouts, but it’s nearly impossible to tell the different between properly and improperly inflated tyres with the naked eye. If your tyres aren’t correctly inflated, you’ll also wear them out faster – and while you can notice that by looking closely, you really don’t want to get to that point. So the best solution is to get a tyre pressure monitoring system.

The TPMS uses pressure sensors to measure the pressure levels inside your tyres, and automatically alerts you if those levels aren’t what they should be. Then you can take your vehicle to the nearest service station and get the pressure back to the ideal range for your vehicle. A tyre pressure monitor means that you don’t have to worry about driving with unknown tyre problems, but you also don’t have to compulsively manually check your tyre pressure. With the sensors doing it for you, you can focus on the more important things in life, whether that’s getting where you’re going, spending more time with your friends and family, or just enjoying a relaxing drive.