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Why You Need a TPMS For Your Vehicle

TPMS makes a healthy car

Hiya all, it’s me again, the chick who didn’t know how to pump her tyres and was hanging round petrol stations for help with this.

Here is ‘my discovery’, based on research of course (lol) on why it’s good to have tyre pressure monitors (TPMS) fitted to my beloved Mazda SP25

  • These tyre pressure sensors measure the tyre pressure and temperature in the tyre ensuring that my tyres are always operating at the safe level – an audible alarm notifies me inside the car if there’s any change
  • These sensors mean ‘extended tyre life’ so I’m saving money in the long run
  • They reduce driving risks – better handling, better braking, less chance of blowouts
  • Improve fuel efficiency as correct tyre pressures means less use of fuel.  Who wants to spend more money on petrol these days…’s already expensive!

Now, for the more technical folk, here are some further findings:

  • Continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of your tow vehicle and caravan tyres.
  • Audible alarm when the pressure drops below/rises above the set range or rises above the maximum temperature set.
  • Small sensors that ‘lock’ onto the tyre.
  • Available with 6 and 8 sensors, extra sensors available to purchase, expandable up to 22 tyres.
  • Receiver included in the monitor, eliminating the need for an extra relay in most circumstances.
  • Unit pre-programmed for easy installation.
  • Extra relay available for seamless transition between trailers – eg. Change from caravan to boat trailer without having to remove any equipment.
  • User-friendly monitor for a simple switch between vehicle and trailer to just vehicle when the caravan is parked.
  • Compact monitor supplied with both plug in auxiliary charger and cables for hard wiring.
  • Audible alarm if either the sensor or monitor batteries are running low.
  • Monitor protective pouch.
  • Spare pouch for valve caps, extra sensors and sensor allen key.

My next step was to source a great price and find another Douggie to install it for me. I read a number of TPMS reviews and found the team at Safe T Tyre. They have a quality product and they installed these tyre pressure monitors very quickly on my car. As I was watching, I realised that I could have easily installed them myself but Dave was such a character so it was fun to watch and listen to him while he did the installation.