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Some Numbers Are Too Big For Humans To Properly Comprehend


Some numbers are too big for humans to properly comprehend. Maybe we can count to a thousand – maybe even ten thousand, if we’re bored enough and have a few hours to spare. But millions and billions are really outside of the mind’s ability to grasp. We might be able to peg approximate tags on them – the number of cells in the body, of grains of sand on the beach, of stars in the sky. But really, we’re struggling to wrap our head around them.

So when the Canadian government released a report estimating that Canadian motorists would waste almost 643 million litres of fuel in 2009 due to tyre underinflation, they decided to put it in perspective – that’s enough fuel to fill over 250 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

A tyre pressure monitoring system will help you ensure that your tyres are always properly inflated, so that you’re not unwittingly wasting petrol as you drive. And 643 million litres is a lot of fuel, so that means a lot of pollution and a lot of carbon emissions – and that’s just for Canada. Using worldwide statistics, people have estimated that over 38 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide worldwide come from underinflated tyres.

A TPMS can help fix that – and in these times of environmental crisis, as we veer ever closer to catastrophic levels of greenhouse emissions and human-induces climate change, adding tyre sensors to your car is the morally right choice to do. It’s not just the smart move – a move that will save you time and money and make your car safer, but it will also save the planet, by helping you to reduce carbon emissions and conserve fuel. At Safety Dave, we want to keep you safe, and we want to keep the Earth safe too – a TPMS will help do both.