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There Are More Than Five Senses


There are more than five senses. Many more than five, in fact. In addition to the usual collection of touch, taste, hearing, vision, and smell, there’s a whole range from temperature to balance to pain. What about your sense of time – that’s a sense. And your sense of direction is also a distinct sense. How about a little experiment: Close your eyes, and clap your hands. Now, how did you know where your hands were? That’s called proprioception = the sense of where different parts of your body are.

Alert drivers need to use many of their senses – sight, obviously, is the main one, but hearing is important too, and senses of direction and timing are also crucial. But there are some things that the human body can’t sense – like tire pressure.

That’s why you can buy a tire pressure monitoring system from Safety Dave. Our tire sensors will measure the pressure inside your tires, and let you know when they drop too low so you can pump them up as soon as possible. This is extremely useful, as having properly inflated tires is both more convenient and safer – underinflated tires have poorer handling and are more prone to blowouts.

The TPMS is becoming an essential component, there to compensate for the senses you don’t possess. Without one, it’s nearly impossible to tell your tire pressure by sight – properly inflated tires look virtually identical to underinflated tires, unless the tires are so flat as to already be causing severe problems. Because of the stiff, vulcanised rubber, touch won’t necessarily give you the answer either. But the sensor will – and it can be trusted to keep you informed of any drop in tire pressure. It’s a much better system than going to the mechanic regularly – now you know when there’s something wrong with your tires, and when you need to fix it.