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TPMS is like therapy for your tyres

therapy for tyres

As we’re moving into 2019, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to go a little easier on myself. Throughout 2018, I have to admit that I overworked myself quite a lot, and but a bit too much pressure on myself – all while worrying that I was being lazy and unproductive. I realised the strain wasn’t good for me, and I’ve started being kinder to myself.

Show kindness to your tyres with a tyre pressure monitor

Just like people, tyres don’t do well if they’re under too much pressure. And they also don’t do well if they’re not under enough. And here’s the real kicker: It’s almost impossible to tell just by the feel of it, or by the naked eye, whether or not your tyres are properly inflated!

Ever had a friend (or maybe yourself) who has trouble assessing their own stress levels? Like they might be working themselves to the bone, and they’ll think that they’re being lazy and punish themselves for doing more? Or on the flip side, someone who thinks they’re really busy and accomplished but never seems to actually get anything done?

Your relationship with your tyres is a bit like that – you can’t know if they’re correctly inflated by yourself. Fortunately, there are tyre sensors that can do that job for you as part of a tyre pressure monitoring system.

A TPMS constantly keeps one metaphorical eye on the pressure levels inside your tyres. If the pressure’s too high, the system lets you know that take it down a notch. If it’s too low, then you’ll quickly find out you need to add a bit more air. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your tyres’ needs and keep them healthy.

And it really pays off to stay in tune with your tyres, because just like people, tyre damage and tyre wear worsens exponentially. If you drive on improperly inflated tyres, they wear out faster and the problem gets worse, leading to snowballing increases in a range of factors including stopping distance, fuel efficiency, and tyre lifespan. So if there’s something wrong, you want to be able to take immediate action, and tyre pressure monitors enable you to do that.

In 2019, make sure you take care of yourself. And make sure you take care of your tyres, with Safe-T-Tyre. Happy new year!