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TPMS Keeps You Safe When You Have to Act Fast

tyre pressure monitors

If you’re towing a trailer, then it’s much harder to react quickly to situations. Turning becomes a much more complicated ordeal, as you don’t just need to worry about your vehicle, but also about the trailer that you’re towing. You also need to be concerned about momentum. As a system, you have more momentum, because you also have the mass of the trailer. And you can’t brake as suddenly, because the trailer has its own momentum, and braking doesn’t reduce that as much as it reduces the momentum of your vehicle. All this to say: if you have to make a sudden stop or a sudden turn, you better make sure you’re up to it.

Tyre pressure monitors help ensure you can handle sudden stops and turns.

One of the major factors at play in this sort of situation is your tyres. Tyre pressure and tyre quality are crucial elements of the equation, with improperly inflated tyres taking longer to stop. If your tyres aren’t inflated correctly, they also wear out faster, which means that your treads can’t absorb shock as well or grip the road as strongly. This in turn means that you’ve got a greater risk of skidding or losing control, and a longer stopping distance because of the reduced traction. So if you want to stay safe in the event of an unexpected stop or swerve, you have to take care of your tyres.

A tyre pressure monitoring system figuratively takes the pressure off monitoring your literal tyre pressure. Without the TPMS, checking your tyre pressure is a hassle, one that’s easy to forget about or procrastinate. And it can often be a waste of time. If everything’s fine, then checking the pressure was pointless, but if you don’t check, you can’t know that everything is fine.

With specialised tyre sensors and a system that uses light and sound to alert you when your tyre pressure goes outside of a predetermined range, a TPMS lets you escape from this Catch-22. With a tyre monitor it’s easier than ever to ensure your tyres have the right pressure. There’s no worrying about whether it’s a problem when it isn’t, and when it is a problem you know right away so you won’t drive on improperly inflated tyres and wear out your tyres.