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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems for Motorbikes – What You Need to Know

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Checking the pressure in your tyres on your motorbike is important to your on-road safety but it’s often a task forgotten or overlooked by many riders. For those diligent riders who do remember, it can be difficult to check the air pressure as you need to bend down and reach under your saddlebags to get to the valve stem. Here’s where a TPMS comes in. An affordable and easy-to-install device, they provide a convenient solution that will help to keep your bike safer and more fuel efficient. Let’s explore the benefits of motorcycle TPMS in greater detail, as well as a couple of frequently asked questions.

The Benefits:

They Constantly Monitor the Tyre Pressure

A TPMS uses sensors to continually read the pressure in your tyres. It will alert the rider to any significant changes to the air pressure in the bike’s tyres. Many tyre pressure monitoring systems also feature temperature readings as an additional safety measure.

They Improve Safety

It’s essential that motorcycle tyres are properly inflated. Both over or underinflated tyres can increase your risk of an accident. A TPMS will also alert the rider to a puncture or slow leak, ensuring the tyres are always in the safest condition for riding.

They Upgrade Your Technology

Many modern motorcycles have an in-built TPMS, however, older and less expensive models do not have this feature as standard. An aftermarket TPMS is highly affordable, easy to install and easy to order online. Just be sure to order from a reputable supplier such as Safe T Tyre.

They Increase Convenience

While you can manually check the air pressure in your motorcycle tyres, it can be annoying and inconvenient, especially if you have to lay down on the ground and reach under or remove your saddlebags to access a valve stem. A TPMS not only removes this hassle, it also reduces the stress of having to remember to check your tyre pressure on a regular basis.

How Do You Install TPMS Sensors on Your Motorcycle Tyres?

Installing a TPMS is a straightforward process. A good system will come with clear and detailed instructions that explain how to install everything correctly. Usually, you will attach the front and rear sensors first, ensuring the correct sensor is on the correct tyre. Most tyre pressure monitoring systems come with easy mounting components to install the display onto the handlebars to ]\be able to see the correct tyre pressure of your tyres.

Can You Use a Motorcycle TPMS with Rubber Valve Stems?

While it is possible, it’s recommended that you use metal valve stems. These are more robust and less prone to breaking or cracking. Before purchasing a TPMS for your motorbike, you should check what the manufacturer recommends as there are some options available for motorcycles using rubber valve stems.

Get a High Quality TPMS for Your Motorcycle Today

Safe T Tyre is Australia’s trusted supplier of premium tyre pressure monitoring systems for all types of vehicles. No matter what you drive (or ride), our team is here to help you pick the perfect system, and our commitment to affordability ensures you will get a great deal. Order online now or give us a call today on 1800 876 700 for more information.