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Tyre Pressure Monitors Make the Last-Minute Rush a Little Easier

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When you’re preparing for a road trip, there are all sorts of arrangements you need to keep in mind. From stocking up on snacks to organising seating, from driving rotations to planning breaks, it can be hard to keep it all straight even with a written-down itinerary. So it’s easy for you to forget all the little things about your vehicle until the last minute, when you start to wonder: do I need to service it? Check or change the oil? And oh no, what about tyre pressure?

A TPMS keeps track of tyre pressure so you don’t have to

If you’re not in the habit of regularly monitoring and adjusting your tyre pressure – and most of us aren’t – then it’s one of those things that’s easy to forget about. And this is a problem, because it’s one of those problems that gets worse the longer it goes on. It’s bad enough to discover that your tyres aren’t properly inflated, but if you’ve been driving around on them for ages, you’ll wear down those tyres much faster, and have longer stopping distances and poorer handling. Underinflated tyres also mean a hole in your wallet, because it reduces your fuel efficiency, causing you to spend money on petrol that you wouldn’t need to otherwise.

But since none of those are obvious, pressing issues – and since it’s not easy to know that your tyres are underinflated unless you’re actively checking – it can fall by the wayside, wearing down your tyres without you even realising. And then, when it’s time to go on a trip, you might be shocked to discover that not only are your tyres not correctly inflated, but they’re so worn that they need replacing altogether?

How do you stop yourself from getting to this point. If you’re really dedicated, you can make a point of regularly checking your tyre pressure manually. But that’s a thankless, tedious task, one that leaves you feeling like you’ve just wasted time if it turns out everything’s okay.

Instead, get a tyre pressure monitoring system. The TPMS uses automated tyre sensors to constantly measure your tyre pressure, and alert you if the pressure falls or rises outside the recommended range. That way you can take immediate action, instead of letting the problem get worse.