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What Are Tyres made of?

Stacked Tyres

Tyres are made of vulcanised rubber. That’s a sort of rubber that gets its name from Vulcan, but who or what is Vulcan? Well, apart from being the species of Spock (from Star Trek), Vulcan was a Roman god: the god of smiths, the forge, and volcanoes. With those sorts of things under his control, it would seem like Vulcan had it made. Not only that, he was married to Venus, the goddess of love and lust. So it would seem like Vulcan had it made. Unfortunately for our god, he had a problem: his legs didn’t work properly, and he was butt-ugly. So his wife was less than faithful. He needed a way to keep track of her.

The vulcanised tyres on our vehicles’ wheels have a similar problem. They’re hardy technological marvels, forged in heat and flame. But they can lose pressure, and in that case, they become less efficient and wear out much more easily. The solution is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring system. The system keeps tabs on tyre pressure, letting you know when the pressure drops below a certain level, so you can fix it without waiting for something worse to happen.

The tyre sensors measure the pressure constantly, and the system sounds an alarm when the tyre pressure is less than it should be. Without that sort of system, your tyres could have low pressure and you wouldn’t even know, but the whole time your driving would use more petrol and be more dangerous: underinflated tyres shred more quickly, take longer to stop, and use more fuel. They’re also more likely to have blowouts, so a TPMS is really important for your safety. Don’t let your tyre pressure escape and let you and your tyres down – instead, keep a level head and level pressure in your tyres.