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Under Attack From The Elements And The Terrain


The original usage of the word “caravan” was to describe a group of travellers – often merchants – journeying together. The typical image that the word conjures up is a train of traders, crossing an endless sandy desert on the backs of camels, carrying cargos of rich silks and spices. The reasons such merchants travelled in these groups were many – protection from bandits, morale, and general financial concerns such as the cost of making a journey. At any rate, under attack from the elements, and sometimes wild beasts or human criminals, it was important to constantly take stock and ensure that all parts of the caravan were safe and fully functioning.

In modern, automotive contexts, caravans are also often under attack from the elements and the terrain. Driving and towing a caravan will eventually wear out the tyres, and the pressure will gradually escape from the rubber. This is why it’s all-important to have a tyre pressure monitoring system – a device that measures the pressure inside your tyres and lets you know when the pressure levels drop below a comfortable mark. That way, you can reinflate your tyres ASAP, avoiding the many problems that stem from underinflated tyres – which range from increased tyre wear to a longer stopping distance and poorer handling.

A caravan TPMS involves tyre sensors that are attached to your wheels, directly measuring the condition and pressure of the air inside your tyres. These sensors are connected to an audible alarm, as well as a visual monitor, which alerts you when you need to pump up your tyres. That way, like the traders of old, you’ll be safe from the ever-present risk of being stranded in the middle of nowhere, far from any sort of human settlement. Like carrying water or supplies when traveling, it’s an important precaution, and one that should not be overlooked.