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Tyres, As Most People Know, Are Not Immortal


Tyres, as most people know, are not immortal. They can get damaged or destroyed, be worn down, punctured, or shredded. The idea of a spare tyre is common knowledge, so it’s pretty clear that most drivers are aware that their tyres are fallible.

Humans, too, are generally considered to be mortal. They can get sick, injured, and all evidence so far suggests that they eventually die. However, the idea of a spare human seems very strange, even creepy. Now, part of this is because humans are considered to have more value than tyres, reasonably enough. But another part of this is that we don’t just wait around for humans to die. When people get sick or injured, they receive medical attention, and – more importantly – most people deliberately monitor their health and nutrition to avoid the risk of illness or injury.

So why don’t we do the same with tyres? We have the technology to do so. A tyre pressure monitoring system measures the pressure levels inside your tyres, and will inform you via an audible alarm if they drop below healthy levels. That way, you can fix the problem and return them to a higher pressure pronto, rather than continuing to drive in blissful ignorance as your tyres wear out faster and faster (as underinflated tyres are likely to do). Simply by attaching tyre sensors to your wheels, you’ll have a greater awareness of the condition of your tyres, and it will be easy for you to take action that keeps you safer, since underinflated tyres have a longer stopping distance and are more prone to skidding.

The TPMS is so simple that a child can set it up with your vehicle, and it works not only for cars, but also for larger vehicles like trucks, caravans, and motor homes. Using one will mean you don’t have to worry about tyre pressure, because the system will keep an eye on it for you.