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Bang! Flat Tyre.

Flat Tyre

Tyre pressure is a factor that people rarely think of until it’s too late. Bang! Flat tyre and suddenly you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. If you’re in an RV or motor home, or towing a caravan, then this can be absolute hell. Miles to the nearest mechanic, and you might not even have phone reception to call the RAC. And remember, this is Australia – you might well be in the desert, getting burned to a crisp by the sun. Fortunately, there’s a way to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you – to be prepared so that you drastically reduce the risk of having a flat tyre: the tyre pressure monitoring system, or TPMS.

You see, tyres are most likely to blow when they’re not properly inflated. In fact, underinflated tires are just a menace – they wear out faster, they take longer to stop, and they’re generally more likely to lead to you losing control of your vehicle. So if you don’t want your tyres to blow unexpectedly, the solution is to ensure that they’re always properly inflated. That involves being able to constantly check the pressure level of your tyres, and the way to do that is with a tyre pressure monitor.

A tyre pressure monitor is connected to tyre pressure sensors, which directly measure the pressure inside your tyres. If that pressure slips too low, then the monitor will sound an audible alarm, letting you know that you need to reinflate those tyres as soon as possible. No more will you have to hazard guesses as to when you need to pump up your tyres, or delay out of ignorance until it’s an emergency. With a TPMS, you’ll always have the information at your fingertips, meaning that you’ll never head out on a journey with underinflated tyres, unless it’s a journey to somewhere where you can pump those tyres right back up.