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Big Yellow Taxi


Even if you don’t drive a Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell was right. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone? It’s true with so many things in life. When you’re healthy, you don’t appreciate it, but as soon as you’re unwell, it really hits you how much you miss having that basic level of health. Or how you don’t think much about food until you’re hungry, or money until it runs out. Well, it’s the same with tyre pressure.

Tyre pressure decreases slowly, most of the time. You can’t even tell the difference between an underinflated tyre and a properly inflated one with the naked eye. They don’t feel any different, and so it’s easy not to notice. But there is a difference. Underinflated tyres have poorer traction and handling, and take longer to stop when you brake. Plus, they have increased risk of blowouts, which is when you really notice the lack of pressure. So you needed to drive somewhere? Too bad, you’ve got a flat tyre.

What’s the solution? A tyre pressure monitoring system. You can’t notice the slow escape of air from your tyres, but we have technology that can do that for you now. A TPMS will keep track of how much air is in your tyres, and let you know when it’s starting to become a problem and you need to pump the tyres back up. You might not know what you’ve got til it’s gone, but the tyre sensors? They’re on the ball, and they know exactly what the pressure’s like in your tyres. They’re there to help you keep what you’ve got.