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Tired Pressure Monitoring System


A tyre pressure monitoring system is nothing if not reliable. As a fully automated machine, it’s constantly measuring the pneumatic pressure inside your tyres, ready to alert you the moment it becomes too low or too high. It doesn’t get distracted or take breaks. It doesn’t get worn out or have limited stamina. It’s got one job: monitoring that tyre pressure, and it is devoted to that one job. That is its calling and it is entirely built to carry out the task for which it was designed.

A human being, on the other hand, is a tired pressure monitoring system. With everything going on in a person’s life, it’s a wonder if they ever get time to check whether their tyres are properly inflated. Between chores and errands, family and work, sleep and leisure – who has the time to properly and regularly check tyre pressure? Even if you get around to doing maintenance on your car, the tyres are usually pretty low on the priority list – at least unless you have a flat, and by then of course it’s too late.

But you don’t want to get to that point. Humans get worn out, just like tyres get worn down, and you end up exhausted and you say to yourself that you’ll check on your tyre pressure next week. And then something happens next week, so you say to yourself that you’ll do it the week after than, and so on, and it never happens. But tyre sensors can’t make excuses. And the TPMS is entirely designed to monitor tyre pressure, so it doesn’t have any other responsibilities and nothing else ever comes up. So trust your system to track your tyre pressure, and you can take a break and catch up on some well-deserved leisure time. Life is hard for everyone – you don’t want your tyres to make it harder.