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The Current So-Called ‘Information Age’


One of the most distinctive elements of the current so-called ‘Information Age’ is the ability to constantly access data about a variety of statistics. Just by looking at my phone, I can check my location, my compass orientation, the weather (including temperature, rainfall, and wind), the time and date, and countless other details about myself and the world. If I wanted, I could check all sorts of things about myself, too, from my heartrate to how many steps I’ve taken today.

Some people deride this perpetual awareness, saying that being constantly connected is distracting or takes us out of life. But I disagree – knowing where you are, or what the time is, or what the weather is going to be saves a lot of time and makes it much easier to avoid discomfort. In the Information Age, it’s easier than ever to be prepared.

This extends to driving. In this technological era, you can get a tyre pressure monitoring system for your vehicle. This handy gadget is easy to use and lets you know what the air pressure is like inside your tyres, so that if the pressure moves outside of the optimal range, you can do something about it straight away. This is important, because if your tyres are at an improper pressure, your driving can suffer – you’ll have poorer fuel efficiency, larger stopping distance, and an increased chance of blowouts.

A TPMS gives you the knowledge you need to have the power to take things into your own hands. It’s so easy that even a child can use it, and the tyre sensors will reliably measure the pressure in your tyres whether you’re in a car, truck, or motor home. In the Information Age, you shouldn’t need to stay ignorant about factors that can make your life better and safer.