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How Important Is Pressure?


A lot of people don’t quite get how important pressure is. They hear the word used every now and then: “low-pressure fronts”, “I’m under a lot of pressure at the moment”, “that masseur/kung fu expert knows all about pressure points”. But the truth is that pressure – defined as force per unit area – governs all sorts of different parts of our lives. From designing high heels to making a weather forecast, professionals across a wide range of fields have to take pressure into account.

But if you’re not a professional in those fields, why does pressure matter to you? Well, if you drive, the answer is because of your tyres. The only reason your tyres stay inflated is because of the air pressure inside them, so if your tyres start to lose pressure – or end up having too much pressure inside them – then they don’t perform as well as they should. The problem is, it’s not easy to measure your tyre pressure.

Unless you have a tyre pressure monitoring system. In that case, it is easy to measure tyre pressure, because the system does it for you. Specialised tyre sensors obtain a reading of the pressure levels inside your tyres, and the system alerts you if the level is higher or lower than it should be, in which case you can pump your tyres up or let some air out as necessary.

Incorrect tyre pressure reduces the traction of your vehicle, which means poorer handling and longer stopping distances – both of which can be serious safety risks. It also increases the risk of blowouts, makes your tyres wear out faster, and makes your vehicle less fuel efficient. That’s why it’s both safer and more cost-effective to buy a tyre pressure monitor.

Safety Dave has a variety of monitors available, and we care about ensuring you find the perfect system for your needs. Call us today for a quote.