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Don’t drive like it’s Mario Kart


Here’s one thing for which we should all be thankful: driving in the real world isn’t like driving in Mario Kart. No one’s trying to ram into you, or throwing turtle shells at you. No one is dropping banana peels all over the road, and if they were, your vehicle wouldn’t skid and go into a spin if you hit one. You’re generally in no danger of being crushed by a giant angry block, or struck by lightning, or driving off the road into water or lava. Phew. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief.

That said, you can still skid while driving – and a TPMS helps keep you safe.

Even if people aren’t actively trying to make you lose control of your vehicle, and the road is generally a cooperative environment, there are still a whole lot of things that can go wrong. And if the weather is wet or icy, or the roads are poorly maintained, then you can be at serious risk of skidding or spinning, getting a blowout, or even just wearing out your tyres. And all those risks are much higher if your tyres aren’t properly inflated.

Fortunately, having a tyre pressure monitoring system is a great way to ensure that your tyres are always in the condition they should be, and helps minimise the various dangers and hazards of driving. Sure, these risks might be a little more mundane than, say, falling off a giant mushroom into a ravine. But the risks of losing control of your vehicle are real, and can lead to serious damage. This is especially true if you’re not the type to diligently inspect your tyre pressure by hand consistently. And let’s be honest: most of us aren’t that dedicated.

But thanks to automated tyre sensors, you don’t need to be quite that on the ball. You can just focus on driving and living your life, and the system will constantly check your tyre pressure for you and let you know if and when you need to take action. That means no wasted time and effort checking tyres that turn out to be fine, and it also means no driving on improperly inflated tyres and wearing them down, creating more risks and a higher chance of accidents.

So get a tyre pressure monitor and stay safe. And don’t treat driving like a race unless you’re in a go-kart.