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Tyre Pressure – Important in the City and the Country


If you don’t drive off-road much (or at all), or you’re not that much of a driver full stop, you might not give too much thought to your tyre pressure. Maybe you think that you’re just doing quick trips across the suburbs, so you’re probably not wearing down your tyres that much. However, that’s not how it actually works. In fact, with all the stopping and starting of city driving, your tyres might be wearing down faster or having their pressure changing more than they would otherwise.

That’s one reason why a tyre pressure monitor helps.

But it’s not the only one. If you’re the opposite kind of person, the adventurous type who’s always driving off-road, then your tyre pressure is also paramount. A TPMS helps ensure that your tyres are always correctly inflated, meaning that they can grip wet, rough, or slippery terrain. From rock and sand to mud and bog, if you’re driving off-road, you should get a tyre monitor to stop your tyres from wearing down and keep your traction up.

What about if you’re not a city driver, but you still stick to the roads? Maybe you drive freight, roaming the freeways between towns and cities. Well with all that changing weight, your tyre pressure can really suffer, and it’s a massive bother to constantly check and adjust tyre pressure by hand. Automated tyre sensors will save you a world of trouble by telling you exactly when you need to adjust the pressure, and by how much, so you can keep on driving the rest of the time without having to worry.

Whatever you do on or off the road, a tyre pressure monitoring system is a smart decision. It’s an investment – one that will save you money in the long run given how much you’ll save on fuel and on tyres. It will also keep you safe, and you can’t put a price on that. Improperly inflated and worn down tyres mean that your vehicle is more likely to lose control or suffer a blowout. It also increases your stopping distance, which can be the difference between a near miss and a crash. So don’t drive around and run the risk of skidding into in accident. Get sensors and stay safer.