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Finagle’s Law – anything that can go wrong, will – at the worst possible moment.

Finagle’s Law

Finagle’s Law says that “anything that can go wrong, will – at the worst possible moment.” This is no exception for tyre blowouts. They always seem to happen at exactly the wrong time – when you’re late for an important meeting, or on a busy highway, or stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’s as if some perverse little devil is living inside your tyres, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make your life hell.

But of course, there isn’t a demon in your tyres. There’s air in your tyres, and blowouts are much more likely to happen when the pressure of that air drops. That’s why a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) comes in handy. As the name suggests, the TPMS will monitor the pressure in your tyres and will let you know if it drops too low – with an audible alarm and a visible tyre monitor. The tyre sensors are easy to attach to your tyres and they’ll help prevent unpleasant surprises. If you know what they pressure in your tyres is like, then you’ll have the necessary warning in order to avoid blowouts happening at the worst time, giving you more control over your vehicle and your life.

Besides preventing blowouts, the TPMS has a bunch of other benefits. Underinflated tyres wear out faster and have a greater stopping distance, so if you find out as soon as the tyres are underinflated, you can fix that problem immediately. In the long term, that means that you’ll be saving a lot of money on replacing your tyres. You’ll also be driving a safer vehicle, since you won’t take as long to brake. The combination of those factors provide ample reason to get a tyre pressure monitoring system – it’s a move that’s smart for both your money and your life. And if there really is a devil who lives in your tyres, they definitely won’t like how you’re keeping tabs on them.