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The Tyre – A Recent Invention

Recent Invention

It’s interesting that while the wheel is one of the oldest inventions known to humanity, the tyre is considerably recent. People have been using wheels since the Neolithic Age, so much so that “to reinvent the wheel” means “to put work into something that’s totally unoriginal”. They’ve been used in chariots, carts, carriages, catapults – all sorts of inventions that have existed for thousands of years. In contrast, the tyre has only been around for about a hundred and fifty years – less, in practice. But in its brief lifespan, the tyre has radically increased the efficiency of the wheel.

Of course, that assumes that the tyre is working properly. It’s easy for a tyre to fail – it can be underinflated, wear out, or blowout – normally at exactly the wrong moment. But human ingenuity and technological innovation has provided a solution to this to: the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). A TPMS is a way to keep an eye on the pressure inside your tyres, so that none of those nasty things happen to you unexpectedly.

By placing tyre sensors on your tyres, you can gauge the pressure levels, and the tyre pressure monitor will let you know if the pressure has fallen too low. There’s an audible alarm and a visible notification on the monitor, so there’s no chance you’ll miss it unless you’re deliberately ignoring them. With a TPMS, you can make sure that your tyres are always properly inflated, which will increase your tyre lifetime substantially by preventing wear and shredding. It will also reduce the risk of blowouts, and make your driving experience safer by reducing your braking distance.

Overall a tyre pressure monitoring system is just the next step in the chain of human technology, making transportation safer and better. Add one to your car – it’s so easy that a child can do it – and rest easy in the knowledge that you’re smarter and safer.