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We’re just past the summer solstice now, which means that there are two things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, we’re right in the middle of the hottest period of the year, and secondly, over the next several months it’s going to cool down quite considerably. The weather affects your plans in all sorts of different ways, from outings to when you can hang the washing out. But one thing a lot of people tend to forget is that temperatures also have an effect on your vehicle.

I’m not just talking about overheating. Tyre pressure can change significantly depending on the temperature of the environment. It’s simple physics – given an increase in temperature within a fixed volume, you have to increase the pressure too. The reverse is true as well – when it cools down, if you don’t change the volume, then the pressure of a system decreases. So as the weather changes, it’s important to keep an eye on your tyre pressure – or, more sensibly, get a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Few of us really have the time to regularly check the air pressure in our tyres as it changes in accordance with changing conditions. But the TPMS automatically measures the pressure levels inside your vehicle’s tyres for you, and thanks to the specialised tyre sensors it lets you know as soon as the pressure goes outside the recommended range. Rather than constantly thinking about physics and pressure and manually checking your tyres, the pressure monitor automates the whole process, so you’re only involved as much as you need to be. That way, you can spend the rest of your summer enjoying the sunshine – at the beach, eating delicious fruit, or having a picnic in warm evenings. Don’t get bogged down in the business of checking your tyre pressure – get a sensor to take care of it.