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The Long Haul


Say you do a lot of driving. Maybe you’re a trucker or a courier. Maybe you’re into cross-country driving, whether in a car, motor home, or caravan. Whatever the reason, that means that your tyres are getting a lot of use, and that they’re at a corresponding risk of wear and losing pressure. One the one hand, it’s a massive bother to check your tyre pressure every time you stop, or even every day. By its very nature, most of the time you check the pressure, you’ll find that everything’s fine. But you can’t stop checking regularly, because on the rare occasion that it isn’t, the consequences are serious. Driving with underinflated tyres damages your tyres, wearing out the treads and resulting in poorer handling, longer stopping distances, and increased risk of blowouts. So you’re stuck having to periodically do something that’s boring and often pointless.

The solution is the tyre pressure monitoring system. Instead of manually checking the air pressure of your tyres, you can leave the job to specialised tyre sensors that don’t have anything better to do. The sensors will automatically detect when the pressure is outside the range where it’s supposed to be, and alert you so that the next time you have the opportunity, you can do what needs to be done to fix the problem.

A TPMS saves you time, effort, and the sense of futility that comes from doing an arduous, repetitive task that’s unnecessary most of the time but critical when it matters. In the twenty-first century, humans shouldn’t have to waste their precious time when technology can make our lives better and safer. Thanks to the automated pressure monitoring system, your driving can be smoother both literally and metaphorically, with healthier tyres and fewer interruptions.