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Some People Work Best Under Pressure


Some people work best under pressure, and those people are really lucky. These are the ones who get going when the going gets tough, who can draw on amazing, unforeseen reverses of energy and endurance and force their way through impossible situations. The rest of us tend to prefer a little buffer – some time and space that we have to spare so that if things don’t quite go according to plan, it’s still not a disaster.

Tyres are one of those things that work best under pressure. Not too much pressure, to be sure – there is such a thing as overinflated tyres. But also not too little pressure – if the air pressure inside a tyre gets too low, then the tyre will deform and fail to brake, turn, or roll as effectively. So you want to keep your tyre pressure within a specific range, and that’s why it’s a good idea to get a tyre pressure monitoring system.

See, just like some people, tyres can be good at hiding how much pressure they’re under. Even with a trained eye, it’s very difficult to distinguish a properly inflated tyre from an underinflated tyre just by looking. The solution is to use tyre sensors which will automatically measure the pressure levels inside your tyres, and alert you if they’re outside the healthy range for tyres. Then you can pump the tyres back up, or let the air out – whichever you need – so that your tyres are back to operating at the optimal pressure.

With a TPMS, you should never be driving with your tyres inflated to the wrong pressure for long. That means that your driving experience will be more much fuel-efficient in the long run, not to mention safer, so that losing control of your vehicle or having a sudden blowout won’t be as much of a problem.