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Save Money with a TPMS this Christmas


Did you know that the average Australian spends almost $500 on Christmas presents? The silly season is here yet again, which means it’s time for us to open our collective wallets and say goodbye to a big chunk of change. Factor in the cost of family lunches, a new shirt for meeting your cousin’s latest girlfriend, and buying colleagues drinks at the holiday party, and it starts to look pretty grim for your bank account.

Cut your Christmas costs with Safe-T-Tyre

A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS, is an affordable electronic safety system designed to monitor the temperature and pressure of your tyres. By attaching tyre sensors to the wheels of your car, your TPMS monitor can instantly alert you when your tyre pressure is off. Not seeing the savings? Think again.

Installing a TPMS in your family car not only makes your holiday driving safer, it can save you more money than you might expect. It only takes a 9% drop in tyre pressure to increase fuel consumption by around 5%. In other words, your tyres could be losing you money every time you drive. By helping you maintain a safe tyre pressure, your new TPMS ensures you aren’t paying extra when you fill up. Not only that, but a tyre pressure monitor can make your tyres themselves last longer. That’s very good news for you, assuming you don’t fancy spending an extra three or four hundred dollars on brand new tyres.

And the financial benefits aren’t limited to your tyres. By improving the handling of your vehicle, a TPMS makes accidents less likely, keeping those insurance costs down. Being the safest driver on the road doesn’t just make you a good person, it also makes you a frugal one!

Our budget-friendly systems make summer driving safer for the whole family – and make those service station ice creams easier on your wallet. So, instead of buying one fewer pavlova for Christmas lunch, save your cash all year around by investing in a TPMS. Safety Dave will even give you a two-year warranty, meaning you’ll be keeping your tyres cost efficient for years to come. With savings like that, what have you got to lose?