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TPMS and Bushfire Season

tyre pressure checks

As we head into summer proper and brace ourselves for a bushfire season that looks like it might be one of the worst in recent memory, it’s absolutely vital to make sure that if you live in a potential bushfire danger zone, you’re ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice. And part of that is ensuring that your vehicle is prepared: that you have a full tank of fuel and that your tyres are correctly inflated.

A tyre pressure monitoring system ensures you are prepared and can stay safe.

If your tyres aren’t correctly inflated, then you’re more likely to lose control or suffer a blowout while driving. And when you’re in the middle of an evacuation, that time delay can mean the difference between life and death. So it’s absolutely paramount to ensure that your tyres always have the proper pressure levels – not too high, and not too low.

That said, it’s difficult to be organised enough to do the tedious work of checking your tyre pressure by hand yourself with any regularity. What’s more, changing temperatures can affect your tyre pressure, so after a heat wave, your tyre pressure might be quite different from what it was the last time you checked. That’s why it’s highly recommended to get a tyre pressure monitoring system, or TPMS.

With automated tyre sensors that measure your pressure levels, a TPMS is a huge help if you want to make sure that you’re always bushfire-ready. It’s easy to set up – even a child can do it – and once it’s in place, you won’t have to worry about monitoring tyre pressure yourself. The system will alert you as soon as the pressure levels go either above or below a designated range, so you can take immediate action and avoid driving on incorrectly pressurised tyres (which is less fuel-efficient, riskier, and makes your tyres wear out faster).

So don’t run the risk of letting your tyre pressure sabotage your safety this bushfire season. Talk to us about getting a TPMS that’s right for your vehicle, so you’ll always be ready to leave if you need to.