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Take Good Care of Your Tyres and They Will Take Good Care of You

tyre pressure sensors

As the old saying goes: ‘What goes around, comes around’. Now, tyres certainly go around! They go around an awful lot, rolling against the road every day, spinning at thousands of revolutions per minute. At those rates, it’s not surprising that tyres wear out! Why, most of us couldn’t survive being dragged along the road at 60 km/h even once, let alone thousands of times per minute!.

But if you have a TPMS, tyres don’t have to wear out so quickly.

One of the main reasons that tyres wear out fast is that they don’t have the correct amount of air pressure inside them. You’d wear out too, if your lungs or organs or blood vessels weren’t correctly pressurised (and you’d wear out much faster than your tyres will – tyres are tough!) But when they are underinflated, they drag against the road, and when they’re overinflated, they don’t have the elasticity necessary to absorb shocks. All in all, it will waste your fuel, and wear down your treads, and leave you at greater risk of blowouts and losing control.

So the important thing to do is to make sure your tyres are always properly inflated. And, broadly speaking, there are two ways to do that: the boring way and the smart way.

How to maintain tyre pressure?

The boring way involves regularly checking your tyre pressure by hand, and boy is it unrewarding. Half of the time your tyre pressure will be just fine and you’ll have wasted time. Not only is it inefficient in that you’ll be checking too often – it’s also inefficient because you won’t be checking enough! Isn’t that incredible? See, if you’re just guessing and checking by hand, you might by driving on badly inflated tyres for days, weeks, or months (let’s face it, we all get lazy) before you know. And all that time, you’ll be wearing down your tyres.

So what’s the smart way? The smart way is to get a tyre pressure monitoring system. With automatic tyre sensors constantly measuring the pressure of your tyres, and a system that alerts you as soon as it goes outside the recommended range, you won’t find yourself checking your tyre pressure unnecessarily, and you won’t stand idly by when you need to be taking action. Get a TPMS, care for your tyres – and they’ll reward you by lasting a long time.