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TPMS is for Aussies

TPMS device helps while driving between cities

Unlike Europe, where you can easily drive between countries and everything’s so close together, in Australia most major cities are separated by 8 hours of driving at the very least. That means that if you want to drive between cities in Australia, you’re in for some long hauls. And if you’re driving cross-country, then you might be going for hours without an opportunity to get your tyres replaced if something bad happens. So in Australia, it’s particularly important to take care of your tyres.

Driving long distances? Tyre sensors are a must!

One of the reasons it’s so crucial to ensure your tyres are properly inflated is that the more you drive on badly inflated tyres, the worse the effects will be. And this damage doesn’t increase at a steady rate. It compounds, getting worse and worse faster and faster. Underinflated tyres wear down faster, and tyres that are already worn down a bit wear down even faster and lose pressure. So if you start a long road trip with tyres that are in poor condition, by the end of it you’ll be really suffering. And if you don’t have the opportunity to check tyre pressure in the middle – or if you just forget – then things can develop into a major problem.

Avoid those problems with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Fortunately, if you have a TPMS, you’ll know if your tyre pressure isn’t what it should be straight away. Thanks to sensors that measure the pressure levels inside your tyres and a light and alarm that alert you when you need to take action, you’ll find yourself in a win-win. With a tyre pressure monitor, you never need to waste time checking on your tyres when their pressure levels are fine. Even more importantly, you won’t wear down your tyres by driving on improperly inflated tyres for ages without realising it.

Gauging tyre pressure isn’t possible with the naked eye.

It’s extremely difficult, if not outright impossible, to know when your tyres need more air just by looking at them. There’s no need to feel ashamed, but don’t kid yourself that you’ll know if something’s wrong. Instead, get a tyre pressure monitoring kit, and you’ll have the technological security that will ensure you don’t accidentally damage your tyres. You can always drive safely with Safe-T-Tyre.