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save money with TPMS

Tyre pressure monitors save you lots in the long run

There are all sorts of maintenance costs associated with owning and operating a vehicle. One of the most obvious is, of course, fuel. Another is the cost of tyres, which you have to replace as they wear out. Making sure your tyres are properly inflated? That’s going to save you money on both in the long run.

TPMS is a major money-saver.

A lot of us don’t bother to regularly check our tyre pressure. That’s understandable – people live busy lives, and unless there’s a flat tyre, you can usually get away with driving on badly inflated tyres. But you really shouldn’t. It’s more dangerous, it’s liable to damage your tyres, and to top it all off, it’s more expensive. estimates that when your tyres are underinflated by just 10%, your tyres will wear out 5% faster and your fuel efficiency will be 2% worse. Now those numbers might seem pretty low, but over time, this adds up – especially with rising fuel prices that are only set to rise higher. Over the years, that will be hundreds of dollars.

And that’s just with 10% underinflated. Let’s say things are a bit worse, around 20% under what they should be. Things are more than twice as bad on the tyre wear front, with tyre wear jumping up by 16%, and fuel consumption doubling again to reach 4%. If your tyres are really bad – say, 40% underinflated, then we’re looking at a whopping 57% increased tyre wear, and 8% greater fuel consumption, which is really going to burn a hole in your wallet.

A tyre pressure monitoring system helps ensure that you always know when your tyres are underinflated, so you can take action immediately. That way you won’t be driving around on 10% underinflated tyres, and you definitely won’t get anyway near 20% underinflated, let alone 40%. Specialised tyre sensors will be constantly monitoring the pressure levels in your tyres, and alert you when things need a fixing.

Safe-T-Tyre specialising in finding the right TPMS for your vehicle, so you can get an affordable device that will save you lots of money in the long run. We like to talk with our customers to get a sense of who they are and what they need, so we can match them with the right product. That way, we can help you save money and be safer.