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Two kinds of tyre pressure monitors

Tyre Pressure Monitor

There are two kinds of tyre pressure monitors: direct and indirect. The key difference between the two is whether they actually measure the tyre pressure itself. Direct TPMS involves a pressure sensor attached to the tyre, capable of electronically detecting the pressure levels inside the tyres. Indirect TPMS, on the other hand, uses existing systems in a vehicle to calculate the relative pressure of your tyres. These existing systems measure quantities like the rotation rates of your wheels, and provide data that indicates the pressure of your tyres.

Safe-T-Tyre is a direct TPMS, which gives it several advantages over indirect systems. Because indirect systems rely on auxiliary information, they can sometimes jump to conclusions that don’t reflect your real tyre pressure. Differences in road surface, temperature, and driving style can all produce a misleading result. But with a direct system like Safe-T-Tyre, you can rely on the tyre sensors to give you accurate information, whether you’re parked or driving.

The tyre sensors in Safe-T-Tyre are easy to set up and install, whether you drive a car or some larger vehicle like a truck, caravan, or motor home. Safe-T-Tyre is also compatible with trailers, which often don’t have the inbuilt systems that indirect TPMS relies on. If you plan on doing a lot of cross-country travelling with a trailer, you need to think about the health of your tyres, not just on your main vehicle but on your trailer. Safe-T-Tyre is the ideal system for that job, equipped with sensitive, accurate technology that won’t wait to alert you when your tyres need adjusting.