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Flat Out

How many horror movies start with a vehicle getting a flat tyre the middle of nowhere, leaving the heroes to leave the safety of their car or motor home to seek out help? Even if you’re not in a horror story, being stuck in the outback with a flat is no picnic. There’s a good reason why carrying a spare tyre with you on long trips and learning how to change a tyre are both solid pieces of advice, but it’s still no fun. Especially in Australia, where the heat in the bush and in the desert can be devastating, changing a tyre can be exhausting and dehydrating. A much better solution is to prevent the tyre from going flat in the first place by taking good care of your tyres.

A tyre pressure monitoring system is a key component in a proper tyre care regimen. It allows you to know right away if your tyres are either under inflated or overinflated, both of which result in faster tyre wear, lower fuel efficiency, and increased risk of blowouts. The alert light from the TPMS will tell you when your tyres need either more or less air, so you don’t need to worry about it until it’s actually a problem, and won’t waste any time when it is.

If you’re going on a long trip, get some tyre sensors for your car – you won’t regret it. They’re so easy to set up that even a child can do it, and the benefit to preventing flat tyres and tyre damage is well worth it. Safe-T-Tyre will help customise our solutions to your needs so you can take care of your tyres and put your worries to rest.